How to Play Dots


Roughly divide the deck between the two players then throw them one card at a time into a loose pile of overlapping cards.


Players will take turns to pick up a card. Only the cards which are entirely exposed can be picked up.

The color of the first card picked will be the first player’s color for the rest of the game; the second player will get the other color.

Who goes first?

There is no advantage or disadvantage in regards of who goes first. Flip a coin if you wish

Earn points as you pick up the cards of your own color. The points you earn depends on how many dots are on each card.

You may pick up your opponent’s cards, although you will not earn any points for it, you may prevent your opponent from getting points later in the game.


Solid cards are each worth 5 points and can be picked up only after you have collected 20 or more points.

The Red & Black Split card is worth 5 points for either player, and can be picked up only by the player who has collected 30 or more points.

At the end of the game the player who has the most points will win the game.

Can I pick up my opponent’s solid card?

Yes, you can pick up any solid card after you have collected 20 points; however, you will earn points only for your own color.

Can I hide my collected cards from my opponent?

No. Players will keep their collected points visible for the opponent to see, and they will need to tell how many points they have at any given time if the opponent asks.

What happens when it is my turn and there is no card that I can pick up?

If there are no entirely exposed cards left for you to pick up or if the special cards are available but you do not have enough points to pick them up, the pile has become frozen. At this point players will take the remaining cards split into two and throw them on the table like at the beginning of the game, but this time without looking at the cards. You will continue the game.